lego hulkbuster anakin

The Hulk Buster Smash 76031 – Lego review

I sat for a while, revisiting my website and blog, and reading about how I vowed to try blogging. I also saw the date – April 2015. Well, it’s only been half a year, and we cannot officially admit defeat yet, no we can’t.

So the next thing to do – blog! But what about? I then scanned my living room and saw my Hulkbuster Lego cooling squaring off with Hulk, so naturally I thought that I should write a bit about that.

To call it a review might be a bit of a stretch. But calling this post The Hulk Buster Smash Lego – my opinion just doesn’t the the same ring. Potatoes potatoes, reviews are mostly opinions anyway, so here’s my opinion on the Lego set 76031 “The Hulk Buster Smash” – it’s great!

Well, it’s great enough for my to display on my TV console, anyway. What I really like about the set is how cool it looks, and most importantly how dynamic this LEGO set is as a display piece. The arms and legs can be moved! You can pose this bad boy the way you like it! Iron man sits inside, and you can open the Juggernaut-like head to display Ironman’s puny head! And when you’re feeling frisky, you may even put *gasp* someone else in the suit!

Duh, you may say, that the point of the set. For me, moving from Star Wars starfighters to this set was refreshing, and having the ability to change the display poses from week to week really makes this LEGO one of the most fun, versatile sets I have.

In terms of the build itself, I find the considerable heft and thickness of the chest, arms, and legs to be sufficient of the Hulkbuster name. The part I found lacking was the hips – it sometimes feels like he skipped humping day or something. It’s basically a rod where the massive torso is attached to the middle, and the massive legs are attached to both ends, with a teeny loincloth covering the sensitive robot areas. It looks horribly weak. If I were the Hulk, I’d start aiming for the joints there for sure. Those robot drumsticks look juicy.

I didn’t get this set for the rest of it. For the record, the entire set also includes the Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and a “Hulk containment unit”. I bought and built the set before I watched Avengers: age of Ultron, so I had no idea what everything else was. In my imagination, this Hulk containment unit must have been powered by some force-field, which in turn was powered by the Scarlet Witch. I had no idea who the Scarlet Witch was and I had no idea if 她是好人还是个坏人 (she was good or bad). Scarlet witch thus had to float above the unit (which can be done with the provided transparent LEGO pieces). Here it got confusing, though, because the set also included some launcher pad thingy which was basically a spring, and which can be used to launch Ironman into the air. The LEGO booklet did show Ironman flying at Scarlet Witch, which I understood to be an assault of some type. I had no idea who was who at that point.

It was only when I watched the show that everything came into place, as in the realization that this LEGO set doesn’t make sense. Most important of all, the Hulk containment unit in the show that lasted for about 20 seconds was actually a piece of solid steel, enclosed prison. The LEGO one looks like a net.

Ultron’s in the set too, but I’d much rather have my Hulkbuster battling Anakin Skywalker.

lego hulkbuster anakin

Would buy again just for the Hulkbuster.