They sprout rhymes like falling leaves
In a golden autumn throng, lines of love
And words of song, dedications of
Affection, in seamless expositions of
Crafted verses matching bit by bit
Like the clothes of a dapper man.

And here I am, sinking in thoughts
Of beautiful you, and writing,
And thinking, and reverting into the
Basest of my feelings, and the
True portrayals of my dedication
Would sound a bit Singlish.

Like, wah. You know they always say
You’ll meet the girl of your dreams
But then you suddenly appear
And it was like, wah. How come you
Came out of nowhere
And anyhow take my heart away?

And why always like that when
I already told myself, You!
Don’t get into a relationship!
But then as if I purposely want to
Disobey myself, the next thing I know
I suddenly crazy about you.

And now we together a while,
I think back of those days and smile.
Hehe, quite foolish la,
Imagine if I never serious about you
Where would I be today
If I never get you?

So now it’s really about me thinking
Of you, so pretty you know?
Like the flower I saw today, walking
Downstairs. So pretty. Like you.
And when I see you, it’s like