They Promised Me Spring

They promised me spring
And a breath of fresh air
Crisp and smelling of green,
And I had set about
My merry ways, oblivious,
Nonchalant, my mind an air
Of shooting buds in warm sunshine
And a cheery sky in shades
Of blue and grey.
Oh, but I was cold!
Cold in body, in mind, in bed,
As I awoke to this special spring day
In a bitter landscape of a white blanket.
Snow! The wacky pixie purities
Enveloping the season in mischief
Exercising me into disbelief
Snow! The symbol of cold:
A million flakes of cold settling
Comfortably on grass and trees,
Roofs and heads, each nudging
A little closer to my soul.
Snow, at the blossom of spring!
Where I should be warm, but I am not;
Left cold, and marvelling at
The fall of snow over a new spring day.