Sit Still My Heart

“Sit still, sit still,” I say
“We haven’t got all day
It’s running really late
And I just can’t concentrate
If you jump about like that
You’ll be the death of me yet”

“But I cannot contain it!
No, not even a little bit!
I am full of joy, of fear
Full of longing, of hurt, of cheer
They’re mixed up full, right inside me
All these things you cannot see
In a lethal concoction
With an exothermic reaction
I try and try to hold it in
But still I can’t keep it within
Unless I move, I jump, I fly
And turn my thoughts towards the sky”

“Come on, my child, sit still a while
And hold back on that crazy smile
We’ll sit and talk, rationally
We’ll discuss what you need to be
We’ll talk it through, in close regard
To all the facts, though cold and hard
Just keep your cool, and think it straight
Let logic rule the day instead”

And so I tried my best to speak
To my mad heart, and did critique
His little sense of self-control
And how he keeps it on a roll
And yet, perhaps, the day is done
I feel indeed, my heart has won
So leave me be, alone to craze
And let my feelings burn ablaze