It is on the darkest nights that she appears,

Silent and sniffing for my blood

I can sense her from deep within my skin

The rushing of red cells rising like a flood

And I am stuck between my heart, beyond control

Which swells and pumps in fear and no restraint

And the knowledge of how I feed her hunger more

As I smear my scent in the quiet air, like paint

She can smell the fear that trickles in the dark

Sweet like death, in the way that only she knows

She can hear the panic of my beating heart

The rush of blood and the way it swiftly flows

I am torn between stasis and the urge to run

To sink into the gloom, or burn out bright

But light is what she’ll seek, the dark is where she hunts

And I am prey in her playground, in this black night

And now it’s my turn to sense her, smell her near

To hear her quiet steps, light behind my back

To feel her gaze upon me, fraught with fear

As I feel her frigid breath upon my neck